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Neighborhood Garage Door Service San Jose, CA 408-560-2311

When you need emergency garage door repair service in San Jose, CA, you can depend on Neighborhood Garage Door Service for help 24 hours a day. Our other services include non-urgent repairs, inspections, and garage door installation. We offer numerous products for sale in addition to new garage doors. People in the local community have helped us earn a reputation as a top service provider by continuing to place their trust in us for their entire garage door servicing needs.

You may not spend much time thinking about your garage door and that’s okay. However, there is no denying that it is one of the most noticeable features about your personal or commercial property. When people pay you a visit, your garage door is likely to be the thing that stands out the most to them. While they only notice its appearance, its safe operation is more important. Neighborhood Garage Door Service is always available to troubleshoot performance issues and repair them on the spot. For your own safety, you should not attempt to do this by yourself.

Our Professional Staff

One thing we never do at Neighborhood Garage Door Service is send a sub-contractor to complete work for one of our customers. We employ our own staff, all of whom have been carefully screened before hire. This gives us the assurance that they have the education and experience we would expect of someone who makes a living working on garage doors. It also ensures that our workers uphold the standards of our company, especially when it comes to surpassing customer expectations.

A broken garage door can make your life grind to a halt. This is especially true when you need your vehicle and it’s stuck inside a door that won’t open. Our company understands the urgency of your situation. We will arrive promptly when you call and help you to re-gain access to your garage. We can also create an extra set of keys so you don’t have this problem again in the future. This eliminates the need to destroy property to get into your garage or put yourself in danger trying to fix the problem.

Ready for Anything 

Garage doors raise and lower many times each day, seemingly without effort. That is because you can’t see what is going on behind the scenes. Whenever you press a button on your remote or open the door manually, numerous mechanical parts go through a complex interchange to complete the action. It’s no surprise then when one of the parts eventually wears down and causes a malfunction. This is why we recommend regular routine maintenance performed by the experienced service technicians at Neighborhood Garage Door Service.

Even if you have the identical garage door repair issue as your neighbor, we know that the two service calls won’t be the same. Things tend to come up during the course of a repair job that were not part of the original plan. This is the reason that we keep dozens of spare parts in all of our service vehicles. We want to be able to complete your request in one appointment, even if it ends up being larger than expected. Our company has years of experience working on garage doors of all sizes and styles.

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